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ABAG PLAN Contact List

Our Mailing Address:
ABAG PLAN Corporation
375 Beale Street
Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94105

FAX: (415) 820-7989

Below are the ABAG staff members who provide services to ABAG PLAN Corporation. Please call if you have any questions regarding your policy, claims, or risk management issues.

Brad Paul
(415) 820-7955
E-Mail: bradp@abag.ca.gov

Risk Management Officer
(contact Jill Stallman with any operational questions)

Courtney Ruby
Finance Director
(415) 820-7923
E-Mail: courtneyr@abag.ca.gov

Kenneth Moy
Corporate Counsel
(415) 820-7914
Personal Fax (415) 660-3514
E-Mail: kennethm@abag.ca.gov

Risk Management

Gertruda Luermann
Risk Management Analyst
(415) 820-7992
Personal Fax: (415) 660-3592
E-Mail: gertrudal@abag.ca.gov

Kimberly Chase
Administrative Assistant
(415) 820-7962
Personal Fax: (415) 660-3562
E-Mail: kimc@abag.ca.gov

Claims Management

Jill Stallman
Claims Manager
(415) 820-7946
Personal Fax: (415) 660-3546
E-Mail: jills@abag.ca.gov

Roslyn Morris
Administrative Analyst
(415) 820-7952
Personal Fax: (415) 660-3552
E-Mail: roslyns@abag.ca.gov

John Saelee
Claims Assistant
(415) 820-7918
Personal Fax (415) 660-3518
E-Mail: johns@abag.ca.gov


Claims Administrator—York Risk Services Group

Mailing Address:
York Risk Services Group
Attn: ABAG PLAN Claims
1390 Willow Pass Road
Suite 1030
Concord, CA 94520
Website: http://yorkrsg.com/

Cynthia Gordon Foreman
Unit Manager
(925) 349-3916
E-Mail: cynthia.gordon@yorkrsg.com

Jeff Rogers
Senior Claims Adjuster
(925) 349-3915
E-Mail: jeff.rogers@yorkrsg.com

Tiffany Roduit
Liability Claims Adjuster
(925) 349-3878
E-Mail: tiffany.roduit@yorkrsg.com

Alex Davis
Senior Casualty Analyst
(925) 349-3890
E-Mail: alex.davis@yorkrsg.com

Craig Nunn
Senior Claims Adjuster
(925) 349-3879
E-Mail: craig.nunn@yorkrsg.com

Mary Weisenberger
Senior Claims Adjuster
(925) 349-3872
E-Mail: mary.weisenberger@yorkrsg.com

Linda DelVigna
Administrative Assistant
(925) 349-3864
E-Mail: linda.delvigna@yorkrsg.com


Members submit new claims to York by e-mail: ABAGCLAIMS@yorkrsg.com